Our Company

Jascom International Pty Ltd was founded by Joseph Assaf and his wife Angela in 1998, following the sale of one of their previous companies (Ethnic Communications Pty Ltd) to Ogilvy & Mather. Founded in 1977, Ethnic Communications Pty Ltd was the world’s first fully integrated multicultural communication agency.

Over time, Jascom International has maintained a diversified portfolio of fixed assets and other interests which included property and investments in other companies ranging from property development, to marketing and communication services.


In June 2003, Jascom International established , the worlds first multilingual contact centre. Currently, Multicall offers a fully integrated communication service to its clients.

Ethnic Business Awards

Prior to the establishment of Jascom International, Joseph established the Ethnic Business Awards in 1988, which still operate annually and are one of the longest running awards of their kind in the world, celebrating the success of migrants who have contributed to Australia’s economic development, and to Australia’s cultural and social fabric.

Today, Jascom International remains as the primary supporter of the awards.

With the long standing involvement in the Ethnic Business Awards, and the recent inclusion of Multicall, the group has become a leader in the area of multicultural marketing, event management and communication activities.

Jascom is currently diversifying its group with the incorporation of the hospitality interest in its portfolio.

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